Sketchnotes from Product Bash 2012

Sketchnotes from Product Bash 2012


We haven’t posted any sketchnotes in a while.

Luckily, Matt recently attended Product Bash 2012, the end-of-year bash for product managers. He sketched the panel, and learned quite a bit about product management and entrepreneurship in the process.

The lovely crew from Brainmates, a Sydney-based product management consulting and training company, recently invited me to sketchnote their Product Bash 2012 event. The evening was titled Is There a Place for Entrepreneurship in Product Management?.

On the panel were three Australian entrepreneurs:

  • Mike Cannon-Brookes, Co-Founder and Chief Atlas at Atlassian
  • Simon Cariss, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President (Innovation) at PageUp People
  • Nick Gonios, Founder, SMOOTH & Co

The panel was facilitated by Nick Coster from brainmates. I took two sketches, although may have cheated a little by reusing part of one in the second sketch (hey, it was only a one hour panel, so shoot me!). Here they are:

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Product Bash sketchnote

Product Bash sketchnote

The event was targeted at product managers, but as the conversation unfolded it struck me just how much overlap there clearly is between product management, entrepreneurship, and UX Design. In fact, the very concept of getting to know your users, interviewing them, and including them in the process of product creation is as old as the hills, despite it being assigned different labels over the years.

A big thanks to the brainmates crew for the opportunity to be involved! (Check out the brainmates Facebook page for more photos from the event).

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