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Using Journey Mapping for Better User Feedback

Bridging Education and Mobility (BEAM) is a Beijing-based NGO using customer journey mapping (CJM) to improve and refine how teachers in rural China experience their site.

Keren Wong walks…

How to Create Wireframes That Wow

In this animated video Ben takes a look at wireframes; what they are, the different types, what they’re good for, and some practical advice about how to improve…

How To Create UX Personas

In the latest of our animated techniques videos, Gregg Bernstein walks us through the process of creating UX personas.

Everyone Is Different

This is a short, fun, practical video targeted at the creators of digital experiences, and a reminder to all of us that users, able-bodied or otherwise, will always…

Better User Research Through Surveys

Creating a great survey is like designing a great user experience—they become a waste of time and money if the audience is not at the centre of the…

How to Conduct A Content Audit

A content audit isn’t something you’re going to want to tackle. But you can’t undertake a redesign of a content-heavy site without it.

Donna Spencer shows you how to…

How To Get Started In UX Design

We continue to receive questions from readers and workshop students about how to get into UX Design.

As a result, we’ve updated our article on how to prepare…

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