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So you’re interested in being published on uxmastery.com, eh?

Fantastic! We’d love to help you with that. Have a read through the following information, which will give you the best chance at getting your article published.

What is UX Mastery?

Write for UX MasteryWe’re an online resource for aspiring user experience designers, and our content is all about being practical and relevant.

Our mission is to help people design with soul. We use this website and community as a platform to:

  • encourage empathy for users
  • teach how to create interfaces with personality
  • champion projects with purpose

That means we cover pretty much everything under the UX umbrella—usability, user interface design, interaction design, design thinking, and more. Oh, and we love sketchnoting and visual thinking (and so do our readers).

UX Mastery has been live since August 2012, and currently gets around 150k pageviews per month. We’re excited about where we’re headed.

Who is behind UX Mastery?

luke-and-matt-headshotUX Mastery is run by a very small team. Between us, we have long and solid experience in the things we share on the UX Mastery blog.

We’ve spent the years since 2012 learning how best to craft and shape content for UX Mastery readers—plus, our co-founders previously worked for the likes of SitePoint and Penguin Books—so your words are in good hands! We have a reliable editorial process that can help your article reach its potential.

We’re also the people behind the popular UX advent calendar, UXmas, along with our friends from Thirst Studios.

What are we looking for?

For the time being, we’re focussed on publishing the following types of articles:

  1. How-to Guides: tutorials and tips on using a specific technique or solve a specific type of problem. Ideally we’d love to publish several articles about every single technique listed on our Techniques Bank. If there are any techniques on this list that you’d like to tackle, that would be a great starting point.
  2. Case studies: profiles of a project before and after, and the measurable difference UX made. There will always be a place for championing and justifying UX, so the more real case studies we publish to help our readers make a business case for prioritising UX, the better for everyone.

Here are some examples articles of which we’re rather proud:

We give strong preference to original, exclusive and practical content written by someone with experience in UX, design, psychology, visual thinking, business storytelling, or other related fields.

That said, if your idea isn’t one of the above types of articles but you still think it would be a killer article, you’re welcome to send it through. We may agree with you and decide to publish it anyway.

What are we NOT looking for?

Good question! We like to stay helpful and relevant, so there are a few things we won’t publish:

  • We won’t accept sponsored posts or submissions that are self-promotional in nature.
  • We won’t publish articles written primarily for marketing or SEO purposes
  • We won’t accept pieces written by people who don’t have practical experience in the topic they’re writing about.
  • We won’t publish posts that have already been published elsewhere.

What’s in it for you?

We’re not yet in a position to pay our authors, but we hope that will change down the track.

However, our authors do benefit from the community dialogue that happens with each piece that is published, in addition to the exposure that provides within the professional community. You’ll share the company of some of the web’s foremost UX experts (UXperts, we like to call them) and our site gets a LOT of eyeballs each month. You’re welcome to include some links in your author bio to your personal site or portfolio, and who knows what opportunities may arise from that? But, more importantly, we’d hope that you see value in sharing your experiences with your UX community—having a platform to teach the next generation of UX designers is often the biggest motivation for people that regularly write for us.

We’ll create a sketch to accompany your article, and will edit it to fit the UX Mastery tone, but you’ll retain the copyright to your article. We ask that you grant us an exclusive license to publish it—we’re possibly getting ahead of ourselves here, but if we decide one day that we might like to package your article up into an ebook for sale or something, we’ll touch base with you then and negotiate something that’s fair for everyone.

OK, I’m in! What next?

Great! We’re glad to hear it.

If you’ve read all of the above, and feel you have something to contribute, then your next step is to send us a short summary of your idea along with a list of the salient points you’d like to write about. This is important for us to assess the philosophy behind your article, as well as the structure and arguments you hope to make.

We don’t want you to labour for days creating a finished masterpiece, only to find out that we’re not interested. Let’s check that we’re on the same page before you invest a ton of time.

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