Sketchnotes from the Hargraves Institute’s Conference2013

Sketchnotes from the Hargraves Institute’s Conference2013

Sketchnote of the closing panel at the Hargraves Institute Conference2013
Innovation: A Global Perspective

Matt attended Conference2013 in Sydney last week, a conference dedicated to innovation, organised by the Hargraves Institute.

He took his notebook and created sketchnotes of some of the presentations.

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend Conference2013, a day of presentations, case studies and inspiration related to innovation. The conference is an annual event organised by the Hargraves Institute, held at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

The institute itself is an interesting concept:

…a unique and exclusive community of major enterprises to share knowledge, wisdom and experience in a non-competitive environment for the purpose of growth and development.

I love the idea of leadership teams sharing, collaborating with and learning from other industries. My favourite talk of the day was that from Deloitte’s Maureen Thurstone, who is not only championing design thinking within the halls of Deloitte, but is seeing huge success as a result, despite the friction that such a dramatic change in problem solving was causing.

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Naturally, I took my sketchbook and captured some of the presentations.

Sketchnote of the closing panel at the Hargraves Institute Conference2013
Innovation: A Global Perspective
Sketchnote of Phil Kwok's presentation at Conference2013
Phil Kwok: Innovation: The Future Inspired By Our Past
Sketchnote of Natalie Pavuk's presentation at Conference2013
Natalie Pavuk: Innovation in Action
Sketchnote of Munib Karavdic's presentation at Conference2013
Munib Karavdic: Reinvent Today With The Crowd
Sketchnote of Avi Ratnanesan's presentation at Conference2013
Avi Ratnanesan: New Age of Inspiration
Sketchnote of Andrew Stoner's presentation at Confernce2013
Andrew Stoner: Opening Keynote
Sketchnote of Maureen Thurstone's presentation at Conference2013
Maureen Thurstone: How A Billion Dollar Accounting Firm Invested In Design Thinking
Sketchnote of Marise Hannaford's presentation at Conference2013
Marise Hannaford: The Recipe For Innovation Success

A huge thank you to the folks from the Hargraves Institute for the opportunity to attend some inspirational presentations.

If you like these sketches, you may be interested in attending my sketching workshop at Intranets2013 in Sydney in May. Also, be sure to check out Sketchnoting 101: How To Create Awesome Visual Notes.

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