Reflections and Sketches from UX Australia 2015

Reflections and Sketches from UX Australia 2015

Cennydd Bowles: The Ethical Designer

Luke and Matt made their annual pilgrimage to the UX Australia conference, to teach, learn, and hang out with Australia’s UX community. Matt shares some of his sketchnotes and thoughts on the conference.

Last week Luke and I made the pilgrimage to the UX Australia conference that we make every year, for several days of learning, inspiration and socialising with friends, old and new.

This year’s conference was held in Brisbane. Luke and I had the honour of teaching our Introduction to User Experience full-day workshop to 47 eager attendees; we also had the good fortune of attending the very talented (and very tall) Dave Gray‘s excellent Gamestorming workshop.

As is often the tradition, I also sketched a handful of the sessions that I attended, which I’ve included below.

A sketch of Cennydd Bowles' closing keynote, "The Ethical Designer"
Cennydd Bowles: The Ethical Designer
A sketch of Susi Benz &amps; Michael Byczkowski's talk, "Emerging Technologies in Cervical Cancer Screening"
Susi Benz &s; Michael Byczkowski: Emerging Technologies in Cervical Cancer Screening
A sketch of Ben Kraal's talk "What We Talk About When We Talk About User Experience"
Ben Kraal: What We Talk About When We Talk About User Experience
A sketch of Meera Pankhania's talk, "Better Outcomes through Inclusive Testing"
Meera Pankhania: Better Outcomes through Inclusive Testing
A sketch of Rhiannon Thomas's talk, "Identity, Ethnography, and Queer Communities"
Rhiannon Thomas: Identity, Ethnography, and Queer Communities
A sketch of Anthony Quinn's talk, "The Experience Design Leader's Playbook"
Anthony Quinn: The Experience Design Leader’s Playbook
A sketch of Justin Sinclair & Sharon Bicknell's talk, "Empowering Older Australians through UX Design"
Justin Sinclair & Sharon Bicknell: Empowering Older Australians through UX Design

If you weren’t able to attend the conference, fear not: UX Australia Redux is coming to Sydney and Melbourne in November. It’s a low-cost, one-day event that will repeat some of the presentations from the main conference.

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In addition, the conferences organisers always record every presentation, and make the audio available as a podcast (with slides). It takes a while to coordinate this, but there are 5 years of previous recordings online that you can work your way through while you’re waiting!

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