12 Days of UXmassy Goodness

12 Days of UXmassy Goodness

12 Days of UXmas

During the first 12 days of UXmas this year, we’ve postulated on the future of the industry, drawn parallels between UX and Rudolph, and even snuck a peek at Santa’s naughty list.

Matt reflects on the gifts that have been unwrapped to date. What has been your favourite UXmas gift so far?

Hopefully you’re enjoying this year’s edition of UXmas, the digital advent calendar for the UX community, brought to you by the teams at UX Mastery and Thirst Studios.

If you missed anything, what follows below is a recap of the first 12 days of UXmas 2014. Enjoy!

Andrew Mayfield1. Santa, the Child, and the Magic of UX by Kathryn Reeves & Andrew Mayfield

In honour of UXmas, let us exalt Santa as the ultimate experience designer.

2. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for the Method: Workshop Facilitation Guidelines, Inspired by Aretha by Kristy Blazo & U1 Group

When was the last time you heard workshop facilitation advice set to an Aretha Franklin song?

Donna Spencer3. Old Dog? Time to Learn some New Tricks by Donna Spencer

After a while in the same role, work can start to get boring. But it’s easy to re-ignite your enthusiasm for UX. Here’s how.

Ruth Ellison4. About that C Word … by Ruth Ellison

In this excerpt from UX Mastery’s “Everyday UX”, we unwrap three designers’ favourite tools.

Chris Gray5. What can UXers Learn From Rudolph? by Chris Gray

At Christmas, UXers can draw inspiration from the story of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

Ashlea McKay6. If you Think Paper Prototyping is a Waste of Time, you’re Doing it Wrong. by Ashlea McKay

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Some people think paper prototyping is a waste of time. Ashlea McKay disagrees. Here’s why …

Kayla Heffernan7. The Phenomenon of Automagic by Kayla Heffernan

Excellent UX happens when your users don’t know how your app is working—it just works. Kayla calls this “automagic”.

David Bradford8. 5 Roads to a Great UX Team by David Bradford

Google might not think the term “UX team” is important, but David has some advice on how to create a great one.

Matthew Magain9. Digital Transgressions by Matthew Magain

Have you been naughty or nice? Matt explores the transgressions made by digital designers

Stephen Anderson10. Hooked on a Feeling by Stephen Anderson

As designers we craft experiences that are usable, attractive and reliable. Yet, there’s something missing. What might that be?

Michelle Chin11. How to Overcome Portfolio Creator’s Block by Michelle Chin

If one of your big NY Resolutions is getting a new UX job, Michelle has advice on portfolios that will help make that happen!

Dylan Wilbanks12. Towards A Better UX Community by Dylan Wilbanks

Is it time to get out our pitchforks and torches out, or is it time for us as a UX Community to get real?

What’s your favourite UXmas gift so far? Let us know in the comments.

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Matthew Magain
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