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We’re delighted to announce a partnership with SitePoint, an organisation that has been producing high quality web design and development content for years.

All UX Mastery ebooks are now available to download or read online as part of a Learnable membership.

Matt and I are pleased to finally announce something we’ve been working on behind the scenes here at UX Mastery: a partnership with SitePoint.

SitePoint have been publishing high quality web design and development resources for nearly two decades; Matt also happened to work there, so he knows first-hand the attention to detail that goes into their educational products.

If you sign up to Learnable, SitePoint’s online marketplace of courses and ebooks, you’ll now also get access to the complete UX Mastery ebook library. It joins the amazing array of ebooks, courses and videos included in a Learnable membership. If you haven’t checked them out before, take a look, especially if you’re interested in improving your coding skills.

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We’re very excited to be joining forces with SitePoint to make our ebooks available to all Learnable subscribers.

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Luke Chambers
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