Why the UX Mastery Community is Amazing

Why the UX Mastery Community is Amazing


With an award-winning community manager at the reins, it’s no wonder the UX Mastery community forums is going from strength to strength.

This year on Community Manager Appreciation Day, we say congratulations to Hawk for winning public recognition for her community management skills.

We’ve always believed that creating a thriving community around a brand will contribute to a great experience with that brand.

Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day (#CMAD), the day that people are encouraged to send sincere thanks to their online community managers.

We’re particularly excited this year, because our own community manager, Hawk, has received an award for something that we’ve known all along: being awesome.

More specifically, Hawk, who manages the UX Mastery forums and, more recently, our Twitter and Facebook accounts, has received a CMAD award called The Diplomat, “for handling all interactions with tact and grace.

UX Mastery's award-winning community manager, Hawk
Now that’s an award-winning smile!

We’ve known Hawk for years, and it is for this exact quality that we wanted her running our forums. So it’s very cool that she has received public recognition for this admirable trait. The experience that a site visitor receives when they first sign up at uxmastery.com extends well beyond just the user interface.

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We’re very proud to have created a welcoming, inclusive, and helpful community of UX designers, and Hawk has been instrumental in creating that experience (Psst: not a member yet? Sign up here).

Thank you, Hawk, for doing such a fantastic job of managing our community, and congratulations to all #CMAD winners.

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Luke Chambers
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