10 Killer Resources to Boost your UX Career

10 Killer Resources to Boost your UX Career


Here at UX Mastery, we’ve always been pretty focussed on UX careers: interviews, portfolios, career paths and more.

Here are a collection of resources to get your UX career on track.

Here at UX Mastery, we’ve always been pretty focussed on how to get a job in UX; from the interview/hiring process, to building a perfect portfolio, to educational career paths and managing your UX career once you’re on your way.

In case you missed something, here’s a summary of 10 of our career-related resources we’ve published:

  1. 10 Steps to a Perfect Portfolio. Luke takes us though some practical tips for the perfect UX portfolio.
  2. Walk a Mile in your Interviewer’s Shoes. Kimberley demonstrates how you can tap into the skill of empathy to ace your next job interview.
  3. 5 Ways to Stand Out When Applying for a UX Job. Troy Parke tells us what employers are looking for in a UXer during the hiring process.
  4. Podcast—How to get an Awesome UX Job. Patrick Neeman talks about how to break into UX, create a portfolio, and manage your career.
  5. UX Degrees: a global list of academic degrees being offered in fields related to UX.
  6. Ask the UXperts—Getting Started in UX with Jodie Moule. You want UX? Jodie Moule answers the most diverse bunch of UX questions we’ve seen!
  7. Review: Career Mind Mastery—Learn How to Get your Dream Job. Kimberley learns how to shift her mindset to land that coveted position.
  8. UX is a Career. UX is many things—an industry, a philosophy, a process … but it’s also a career that needs to be nurtured.
  9. Review: You’re Hired! How to Get a Job in Product Management. Sarah gets stuck into how to get a job in product management.
  10. UX Careers Forum. The place to ask your questions on how to launch, grow, and manage your career as a UX designer.
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Which of these posts resonated most with you? What type of career resources or information would you like to see in the future?

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  • I like the empathy approach used in Walk a Mile in Your Interviewers Shoes. I’ve read many articles about UX interview tips and like the unique approach adopted here. Empathy is a trait all UXers should exercise and what better way than through creating a portfolio! Innovation is another aspect I was asked to demonstrate though my portfolio in job interviews. A UXers ability to innovate or the role of innovation in creating user experiences is an area I would like to hear more about. Thanks for compiling those articles!