Coming Soon: Get Started in UX, the ebook

Coming Soon: Get Started in UX, the ebook


The next UX Mastery ebook is in the final stages of production.

Get Started in UX, a practical guide to launching a career as a user experience designer, will launch in a couple of weeks. For a limited time, the ebook will come bundled with a bunch of extra goodies.

We had so much fun creating our last ebook, we’re doing it again.

The next ebook to be published from UX Mastery is called Get Started in UX. While our first offering was a fascinating collection of interviews, this is a much more practical guide to launching a career as a user experience designer.

If you read Everyday UX and thought “UX Design is the career for me!” then this is the book that will show you how to take it to the next level, by following a step-by-step process, with tips and templates to help you land a job in the UX industry.

Get Started in UX will be launched on Wednesday, February 19.

Expanding on our popular how to get started in UX design article, this book includes:

  • how to perform a comprehensive self-assessment of your skills;
  • practical advice on networking, finding a mentor, preparing for an interview, and more;
  • tips on preparing your portfolio, including a downloadable bonus portfolio template;
  • interviews with UX designers, course instructors, hiring managers, recruiters and graduate students, ensuring a balance of perspectives and insider information;
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… and much, much more.

The book is peppered with original illustrations, diagrams and photos, and answers just about every question you’re likely to have about how to get started. As usual, we’ll also be bundling it with a ton of bonus content from some amazing partners. We love a good deal as much as you guys!

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