Coming Soon: A Practical Guide to Information Architecture, Second Edition

Coming Soon: A Practical Guide to Information Architecture, Second Edition

A practical guide to information architecture

The next UX Mastery ebook tackles the topic of information architecture.

A Practical Guide to Information Architecture, Second Edition, is an easy-to-read handbook for researching, creating, testing and communicating decisions made when undergoing an IA project.

Pick up a copy on launch day and you could win a suite of UX testing tools valued at $1,990.

If you buy our new ebook A Practical Guide to Information Architecture, Second Edition on the day of its release, you could win US $1,990 worth of user experience testing tools. Details below.

Update: this ebook has arrived! Pick up your copy today.

You don’t hear the job title ‘information architect’ so often these days.

It’s all ‘UX Designer’ this and ‘UX Architect’ that.

However, information architecture (IA) as a discipline is more important than ever.

If you’ve ever begun a large web design (or redesign) project, looked at the masses of disjointed or outdated content, and realised that you’d bitten off more than you could chew, you’ll know what I mean.

Information architecture—the organising and structuring of content—feels like one of those nebulous fields for those who haven’t studied it. But it’s the principles behind IA that can turn a daunting, messy hodgepodge of content into a findable, usable collection of useful information.

It’s also the topic of the next UX Mastery ebook, to be released on Thursday, June 26, titled A Practical Guide to Information Architecture. The author of the book is arguably one of the foremost experts on the topic, Donna Spencer.

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Originally published by Five Simple Steps, we’re honoured that Donna has chosen UX Mastery as her preferred publisher to update this classic text. We’ve added our own style of illustrations, and will be bundling it with a veritable treasure trove of bonuses to turn this robust guide into a must-have title for your digital library.

But that’s not all.

Optimal Workshop, the folks behind the highly regarded usability testing tools Treejack, OptimalSort, and Chalkmark, have kindly agreed to give away a 1-year subscription to the entire OptimalWorkshop suite—that’s US $1,990 worth of access to industry-leading usability testing tools—to one lucky customer who purchases the book on launch day (Thursday, June 26).

The Optimal Workshop Suite

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