“My UX career allowed me to move across the world” : Ask Me Anything

“My UX career allowed me to move across the world” : Ask Me Anything

Ask me Anything session on UX portfolios

Heather Wydeven made some big decisions and took some risks to get the career that she wanted. In 2013 she entered the UX field through an apprenticeship program and is passionate about mentoring new UXers into their career.

Here is your chance to pick her brains in order to further your own career.

Getting started in a UX career is a popular topic in our community. People come to the field from so many different directions and backgrounds, and everyone has a different story. It can be a challenging road to get established in a career that will support you financially and stimulate you emotionally and academically.

Heather Wydeven knows all about going outside your comfort zone to achieve things you want to achieve. In our next Ask Me Anything session, Heather will answer your questions about getting your UX career off the ground. 

The Details

Meet Heather Wydeven

Heather WydevenHeather Wydeven is an Experience Designer at ThoughtWorks. Her background in theatre and graphic design helped to build the communication and design skills she needed for UX, and in 2013 she entered the field through a UX apprenticeship program.

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Heather is passionate about helping people improve communication in the design and technology fields and enjoys mentoring those new to UX.

How to Ask Your Questions

If you can’t make the live session but have questions, we’d love to collect them ahead of time and we’ll ask Heather on your behalf. You can submit your questions here. We’ll publish the responses (along with the full transcript) in the days following the session.

How does Ask Me Anything work?

These sessions run for approximately an hour and best of all, they don’t cost a cent. We run them in our dedicated public Slack channel. That means that there is no audio or video, but a full transcript will be posted up on here in the days following the session.

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