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A collection of more than 50 sketchnotes covering TED talks, conferences and UX presentations from around the world.

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A collection of over 50 visual notes covering some of the most inspiring UX, design and technology talks in the world.

Over the past few years we’ve been fortunate enough to attend a ton of conferences about UX (User Experience) and web design. We began taking visual notes at these conferences and posting them online … and people took notice.

This collection of over 50 sketchnotes includes talks from some of our heroes in the UX world as well as a selection of other presentations to mix things up a bit. From our first clumsy scrawls through to polished illustrations, we hope you can enjoy them, learn from their content and their anatomy, and use them as inspiration for your own sketchnotes.




Including sketchnotes from talks at:

  • Leaders in Software and Art
  • Web Directions Code
  • Web Directions South
  • UX Australia
  • UX Indonesia
  • Problogger Training Events
  • Product Bash Sydney
  • Hargraves Institute Innovation Summit
  • .. and more!


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