Get Started in UX


The complete guide to launching a career in user experience design, from education to job seeking and everything in between.

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If you’re new to the User Experience field, or want to supercharge your UX career, this ebook contains detailed information and practical tips to help you get started in UX.

It will lead you through the six steps needed to launch a successful career as a UX designer:

  1. Get educated – pros and cons of tertiary, vocational, online and self-study courses
  2. Get the right tools – the UX toolset and how to choose the tools that are right for you
  3. Get experience – solving the catch-22 of needing experience to get an entry level position
  4. Get connected – connecting with and maintaining your UX network to keep you learning and passionate
  5. Get a mentor – why mentors are important and how to find the right one
  6. Get hired – creating your portfolio, the hiring process and getting your first UX job

With advice and perspectives from students, recruiters, UX designers and mentors who have been there and done it, insightful tips, common warnings and useful resources, Get Started in UX is the essential guide for people wanting to get the best possible start in UX.


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