Peer Mentoring

After a few months hiatus our Peer Mentoring program is back.

We’re excited to be relaunching with a shiny new custom made bot!

Lots of us are new to certain aspects of UX but probably have heaps to offer in other areas, even if we don’t realise it. To take advantage of this, UX Mastery has commissioned a Slack bot which pairs interested members of our Slack community so that they can share ideas, swap resources, and support each other.

Get matched with another Slack channel member each month to build your network and bounce around ideas.

Next pairing: September 1, 2019

How do I join?

Join the #peer-mentorship channel in our Slack community and tag @mentoring_pairing_bot. The bot will then DM you with a short series of questions to gather information about your timezone, interests, and preferred mode and frequency of contact.

Our bot will automatically pair you up with a new friend at the beginning of each month. He’ll then be in touch periodically to make sure that you have the right resources and to check in before repairing to make sure you still want to be involved.

This isn’t necessarily intended to form a mentor/mentee relationship every time. You’ll either have clearly different expertise levels, in which case a natural mentor/mentee relationship will form, or you’ll be similar but possibly have strengths in different areas so can both support each other. Worse case scenario, you get to make a new friend. It is most helpful to look at this as sharing experiences and knowledge rather than a pure mentor/mentee relationship.

It is up to you to reach out to your pair and make contact and set the boundaries around when, how and how much you communicate. If it doesn’t work out, or you both feel you got what you needed from the pairing by the end of the month, let the bot know that you want to stay opted in (he’ll contact you one week out from repairing) and you’ll be repaired at the next round.

You can use the #peer-mentorship channel to ask questions or leave feedback about the program. Thanks for taking part and helping us refine the initiative.

Request an invite to UX Mastery’s Slack community
Join the #peer-mentorship channel
Resources for making the most of the program

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How do I participate? Simply sign up to our Slack group and join the #peer-mentorship channel. Mention our @mentoring_pairing_bot and he will DM you to gather some information. He will then automatically pair you when we start the next round.
  2. How are pairings made? The idea is that two people will be paired up and will likely have very different skills and levels of experience. Ideally you can learn from each other but if your first match isn’t great (e.g. you are both brand new and need support from someone more experienced) then you can agree to walk away and wait for the next pairing.
  3. How long is each round of peer mentoring? Pairings run for 1 month.
  4. Do you choose to be a mentor or mentee, or is that random too? Pairings and the roles you’ll play aren’t set by us. That is something you’ll need to work out with your partner. We believe you’ll both have the ability to mentor each other in separate areas.
  5. If I get paired with a mentee but really want a mentor, can I double dip? Nope, afraid not. You’d need to wait until the next auto-pairing and there isn’t a way to be more selective. It’s a bit binary…
  6. Where do I find the notification about this round’s pairing? Look in your ‘Direct Messages’ in the left sidebar of Slack. You should see a message from our bot.
  7. How do I know who is the mentor and who is the mentee? The idea isn’t that someone is the mentor and someone is the mentee though. I have no way of knowing your experience levels. The idea is that either it is obvious, or that you both have strengths and can learn from each other.
  8. How long should I wait for a response from my pair? – Sometimes people don’t receive notifications or get busy. If you haven’t heard from your pair after a day or two, try again. If you still have no luck, let us know in the #peer-mentorship channel.
  9. I’ve just joined and the last pairing was yesterday/last week. Have I missed out? You have missed this pairing unfortunately and will need to wait until the next round. That said, if we know of someone else that isn’t paired or that hasn’t heard back from their pair yet, we can sometimes jump in to pair you manually. Get in touch so we can help.
  10. If it’s not for me, can I opt out? Yes. If you don’t want to be a part of the program, all you have to do is let your partner know and then either DM or mention @mentoring_pairing_bot (he’ll then DM you) to opt out.
  11. I’m happy with my partner and don’t want to be re-matched in future. Can we stay locked together? If it works out brilliantly you make a natural connection with someone and want to continue the relationship, leaving this channel will ensure that you’re not repaired. It’s really up to each of you to decide what works best.
  12. What should we do and say — is there a specific structure we should follow? Not necessarily. We recommend you get to know each other, work out where your relative strengths and aspiring qualities are, and see how you can best help each other. Lot of people share what they are working on, give feedback on each others portfolios or CVs, share interesting resources with each other.
  13. What should I do if my partner leaves after we have been matched? Let one of the moderators know – @lukcha or @hawk – and they will arrange for a new pairing.
  14. How do I ask my pair a question without revealing sensitive data? Early on in your pairing, establish the ground rules and agree on boundaries and confidentiality. If you still feel like you need to be careful, use terms like X, Y & Z for options and keep specifics vague.